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The K-W Intercity Dart League is a fun league that has been in existence in the tri-city area for over 25 years.

Teams consist of a minimum of 8 players and a maximum of 12 players and can be all male, all female or co-ed. Teams usually play one week at their home location and one week on the road.

The play format for the night consists of 8 sets of doubles and 8 sets of singles; all are 501, best 2 out of 3, straight in, double out.

Our regular season generally runs from late September to early March, with play-offs scheduled during March and April. We always finish off the year with a great banquet that includes awards and door-prizes.

Start time for darts is 7:30pm.
Our season of play begins on September 24, 2018.

Our Executive:
Vice-President:Gary Steffler 
Secretary/Treasurer:John Eardley 

2018 / 2019 Teams:
TeamTeam NameCaptain's Name
Team: 1KW Naval # 5Nadine
Team: 2KW Naval # 4Kristy
Team: 3KW Naval # 3Darcy
Team: 4Polish # 1Josh
Team: 5McMulllan's # 2Elaine
Team: 6Branch 50 # 2John E
Team: 7OGD Hacks # 2Skinner
Team: 8EdelweissSavvas
Team: 9Polish #4Chris G
Team: 10ANAF # 1Don L
Team: 11Breakroom # 2Colleen
Team: 12KW Naval # 2Harold
Team: 13KW Naval # 1Mike
Team: 14Polish # 3Paul
Team: 15McMullan's # 1Blair
Team: 16Branch 50 # 1John Mac
Team: 17Hacks # 1Rob Mc
Team: 18Hacks # 3Dan L
Team: 19Polish # 2Gary
Team: 20ANAF # 2Bob
Team: 21Breakroom #1Steve

Note to Team Captains:
Remember contact the venue if you can't field a team!

A 2018 - 2019 Team Captain / Phone List (PDF)
can be found in the "Submit Scores" area.
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