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September 2018

Message from the President

UPDATE: 20190411

Great season everyone! The final standings with points are now available along with the second-round playoff schedule (I will be contacting each venue to let them know).
View PDFS: Playoff Final Schedule: Weeks 1-2   |   Final Points

Congratulations to everyone who moved on to the next round of playoffs! I heard there were some pretty tight matches that resulted in tie breakers!

Please Note: For the second round of playoffs....
  • I tried to have the team that was in the lead from each division the home team except for my team as we cannot have 2 teams at the breakroom in one night
  • The Polish, Branch 50 & ANAF will be closed early on Easter Monday, so Division B will be at Hacks the second week and Division D will be at the KWNA the second week
  • Please submit your scores online after the second week is complete so that we may forward the information to have the plaques made in time for the banquet
  • If you need more banquet tickets, please ensure that you contact John Eardley as soon as possible. We are meeting with the polish to confirm our final numbers right after playoffs finish.
  • Singles tournament will be on April 29th at the KW Naval – please encourage your team members to participate - this will be open to league members only

Good luck & Have fun!!!

Colleen, Gary & John

UPDATE: 20190328

  • Each round of playoffs consists of 2 weeks of play - first team to 17 points moves to the next round.
  • Please only submit your scores of who won after the 2nd week is finished
  • Team rosters are available on the website (in the same area you enter your scores) - your players MUST be on the roster to be eligible to play in the play offs (also please ensure correct spelling and add last names if you want them on your plaques)

There were a few teams that did not have their high finish & 180 sheets or banquets tickets/money for John on Monday - please ensure that you make arrangements to get these to him at your earliest convenience. We have sold a lot of banquet tickets and are estimating that we will be close to capacity so if you wait too long, there will be a possibility that you will not get a ticket. We will be meeting with the Polish Legion at the end of April to discuss the menu - I think last year was great, so the menu will be similar. As the dinner is table service and not a buffet, please let me know if there are any vegetarians/vegans that would need a separate dinner prepared (I think there was only one person last year).

  • Reminder that following the playoffs, there will be a singles tournament on April 29th at the KW NAVAL - this is for league members only and we will have a trophy for both the ladies and men’s division winner (providing we have enough ladies out for a round robin). Please encourage your team members to participate
  • Finally, any comments, suggestions or changes for the upcoming year can be emailed to us to add to the agenda for next season's AGM

Thank you all again for a great season! Good luck & Have fun in the playoffs!

Colleen, Gary & John

Welcome to our 2018-2019 Season!

First off, the league would like to thank Jon Boy Hatt for all his hard work over the years. His contribution as a player & executive for the league is a large reason we have been able to maintain such a large league that is continually growing! As the new executive team for the league, we are excited for the upcoming year! A big welcome to our new team & new team captains! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

As discussed at the 2018-2019 general meeting:

  • Please ensure that both team captains are submitting the scores every week - no later than Tuesday, please.
  • We have 21 teams this year, so pay attention to your schedule to know when your team has the bye.
  • Please encourage your teams to participate in the tournaments to be held on November 12 & March 25.
  • Rosters should be submitted by the 1st week of January - players must be on the roster to play in the playoffs.

We would like to thank everyone in advance for their participation and great sportsmanship for the upcoming year. Have a great season!

Colleen, Gary & John

Important Dates: 2018/2019 Season
  • Captains Meeting
  • Banquet Dinner
    Saturday, May 11, 2019 @ Polish Legion
  • 2019-20 Annual General Meeting
    Tuesday, September 3, 2019 7:30pm @ ANAF

Please remember:
  • The home team captain is responsible for submitting the scores, within 24 hours of your game (Tuesday at 11pm) online.

  • Please ensure that all players are familiar with the Rules and Regulations.

  • Team rosters must be submitted by the first week in January. Rosters are due to be submitted online by this date. You can submit them ONLINE (click here).
    (Teams that have not submitted a roster will not be eligible to play in the playoffs)

  • The schedule will be available prior to the beginning of the season.

    The playoff schedule will be available the week before playoffs start.

  • All complaints and suggestions must be submitted to me in writing at .

  • League announcements and standings will be distributed by e-mail and on our website at: www.kwintercitydartleague.ca/standings.html

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